All networks require a good infrastructure to be effective in serving the communication needs of any organization. We are experienced with all aspects of network design, implementation, and maintenance. Be it a wired or wireless network, a properly designed network is very essential in guaranteeing stability of services such as VOIP, backup, internet, etc. that rely on a good network infrastructure to work properly.

Astute Tech Solutions has the capacity and experience required to offer the following services to our valuable clients:

Our networking services cover all facets of installing networking equipment, structured cabling (or wireless) and configurations. If you need internet connectivity we will hook you up with a provider that is ideal for your needs and in line with your budget. Astute Tech Solutions works with the organization at all levels to ensure that the IT infrastructure plan is the right one for the business.

We will design you network, supply and install the related equipment and then manage and support your infrastructure, integrating the best technology with our world-class networking services. If you already have your network in place, you want it in tip-top shape, safe from nosy intrusions and crippling viral attacks we have the solution for you.

Our networking services involve:

ICT infrastructure – LAN and WAN Services, Site visit, Design, installation of trunking, pulling of UTP cables, pulling Fiber optic cables, installation of cabinets, Earthing of cabinets, Termination of UTP cables, Termination of Fiber Optic cables, Testing of UTP cables, Testing of Fiber Optic cables, installation and labelling of patch panels, Labelling of data points, Installation of switches, Installation of DTU, Installation of Routers, Installation of UPS, Integration of PBX, among other networking services and solutions.

Our structured network management solutions will help your organization:

  • Maximize performance and productivity.
  • Enhance network security
  • Achieve reliability for critical core apps
  • Reduce downtime
  • Update obsolete hardware and software.
  • Boost network scalability
  • Simplify network management.

Our consultants will custom design and implement a network solution that’s right for you, whether you are upgrading your existing LAN/WAN infrastructure or you want to link to your remote offices using a secure VPN connection.

You have the choice of signing a maintenance contract or an ad hoc arrangement i.e. you call us when trouble arises. Whichever choice you make, we go by it , the ultimate purpose being to keep your network up and running. Contact us and tell us your needs. We will be more than willing to offer solutions so that you can manage your business Not your Network.

Professional Office Networking Solutions in Kenya: Structured Cabling, Wireless Networks, Fiber Optics, Wide Area Networks & VPNs. It’s Time to Simplify Your Corporate Organization’s IT Networking Environments