A common problem affecting data is corruption. This means you can see the file or database but you get an error message while reading them. Astute Tech Solutions’ engineers can locate and fix email corruption, repair damaged databases and treat all other common file formats to provide you with a complete copy of your data.

Common file damage scenarios include:

  • Operating System Failure Resulting in File Corruption
  • Damage Due to Bad Sectors
  • Damage Due to Physical Hard Disk Drive Malfunction
  • Accidental  or Malicious File Deletion, Formatting or Partitioning
  • Damage from a Virus, Trojan Horse or Other Malicious Program

The most common cause of file corruption is an operating issue during file access; this type of corruption is particularly common with larger files, which is why email and database applications frequently have built-in features to protect against data loss. However, even with this protection, larger files are still prone to damage and corruption.

Recoverable File Types

Whether you have lost documents, spreadsheets, presentations, database files, bookkeeping files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file, Astute Tech Solutions Recovery services or software can provide fast, cost-effective solutions to retrieve all types of Microsoft® Office files:

  • Outlook (PST/OST) files
  • Outlook Express (DBX) files
  • Exchange Server (EDB) files
  • Access Database (MDB) files
  • Word (DOC/DOCX/ODT) files
  • QuickBooks (QBB/QBW)
  • Excel (XLS) files
  • PowerPoint (PPT) files
  • Zip (ZIP,TAR, RAR) files
  • MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL
  • And more…

Call us now in many cases we can recover you data in as little as a few days and restore your control over your valuable information. However we do urge you to take action quickly, as the longer you wait to get data recovery services, the harder the process could become. Call us now. +254 754 724598