Servers and many other storage systems use methods of splitting the data load across multiple storage devices to either provide extra space, redundancy against failure, extra speed, or all three. Most Server recovery is carried out using a 3 stage recovery process which provides safety and security for your data whilst maintaining the fastest possible recovery times:

  • Documenting, cloning and scanning of each member device
  • Virtual reconstruction of the array using the clone drives
  • Data examination, recovery and verification

At Astute Tech Solutions we have successfully recovered business critical data from all of the major manufacturers including Dell, IBM, HP, NetApp, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Asus. Our RAID Data Recovery Services offer a thorough data recovery service that is unique in our industry. We can recover your failed server, whether Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, BSD or any other UNIX variant with options of on-site repairs and 48 hour turnaround times. We can even get your server up and running and transfer your critical data back to it. Our Server Recovery Services are led by experienced RAID Recovery engineers. Their experience includes IAS, Exchange, NT Server, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2007, Server 2008, Linux Server, Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Efinity Server etc. LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS Our in house server/network team consists of industry leading data recovery experts, Microsoft Certified Professionals, hardware, software and Linux/Unix experts. With superb customer service support and data loss prevention consultation services we believe that we are the widest, most comprehensive disaster prevention and data recovery team. Please don’t try and fix the issues you have without contacting us first. Any work you do may cause more issues, talk to us and together we’ll plan the best course of action. We recover data from all manner of disasters such as:

  • Failed or degraded RAID arrays
  • Accidentally initialized arrays
  • A failed member in a RAID 5
  • Deleted, formatted or reinstalled volume
  • Controller Failures
  • Failed rebuild attempts
  • If you have experienced data loss from a server or RAID array please feel free to contact us for help advice and support. Our services include:
    • On-site recovery
    • Strategic data loss prevention risk assessments
    • Secure remote backup services
    • Remote assistance

All of our Server Recovery services start with your free telephone consultation so call now on: +254 754 724598