We offer VMware data recovery services from Hard disks and RAID arrays of all types. Files systems supported include VMFS 1.x, VMFS 2.x, VMFS 3.x and VMFS 4.x

Reasons for Data Loss in Virtual Disks

  • Re-formatted VMware ‘Datastore’ is the volume that stores all of the files associated with the virtual computer volumes.
  • Corrupted virtual disk files (VMDK or VHD).
  • Corrupt VMFS datastore volumes.
  • Deleted virtual disk files (VMDK or VHD).
  • Corrupted file systems.
  • Hard drive failure (e.g. damage PCB , damaged heads, and damaged spindle motor. Firmware corruption, bad sectors)
  • RAID-5 Array that has failed with 1 or more failed drives
  • RAID-5 Array that failed to rebuild and the data cannot be accessed.

Important: If virtual disk files or data are part of a data loss event, it is important to stop using the host server datastore volume and assess the situation before deciding on the best course of action. One option would be to contact Astute Tech Solutions and discuss the situation with a specialist virtual data recovery engineer.

Data loss failure nodes within the virtualised environment happen in the storage level, the host server’s file system level, or within the virtual disk file itself. In some cases, all of these failures happen at once.

Our goal is to extract all of your files and copy them to a Windows NTFS formatted external hard disk drive if possible. We can normally recover all of the files and folders with the original folder names and directory structure.